Kitchen Life Hacks

Hey guys! Today I thought that I would do something different, and that is going to be, dun dun dun! Kitchen Life Hacks! I am going to do a total of 4 kitchen hacks today, and if you like these kinds of posts, and want to see more, then let me know in the comments below. So without further ado, let’s get to the hacks!


So, if you are like me, and don’t have an actual sifter, then don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives. The one that I use is a strainer. An actual sifter is easier, and probably not as messy, but a thin mesh strainer works just as well. I have been using this since I first started baking from scratch, and my strainer is a life saver.

You may think that when a recipe calls for sifted ingredients, it isn’t a big deal, and you can just skip that step. That’s how I used to be, but I don’t think I could go back to being that way, EVER. Especially when it comes to sugar, a sifter is your best friend. You get so many big and hard chunks of sugar, and it makes whatever you are making have a much better texture. With flour, there are lots of hard chunks that don’t come undone when you whisk the flour, and a sifter gets all of those out. So take my word for it, DO NOT SKIP SIFTING YOUR INGREDIENTS!!!

All that you have to do when using a strainer is place your strainer over the bowl. Make sure that your strainer is not bigger than your bowl, otherwise, your ingredients will go everywhere but the bowl. Your strainer should fit comfortably inside of the bowl, with at least an inch on all sides separating the two. More space between them is fine, but no less than one inch. Once you have your strainer positioned, add in your ingredients. Make sure that your strainer is not overly full. Your ingredients should not tower over the top of the strainer, so if you need to add them in segments, that’s ok. Once your ingredients are inside of the strainer, start either banging it against the sides of the bowl, or tapping it with your hand while holding it a little bit above the bowl.

NOTE: when you are hitting the side of the strainer, the ingredients will travel towards your hand, so make sure that you are tilting the strainer like this,Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.35.41 PM

I hope that this diagram helped. Gravity works weird when it comes to sifting with a strainer haha. Anyway, when you have all of the parts that don’t fit through the strainer, just throw those away, because they won’t be good for anything. There is a certain type of strainer that you should and shouldn’t use. This is the type that you shouldn’t use…

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.39.27 PM

and this is the type that you should use…

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.39.43 PM

the first kind I don’t think is very common, but you want to make sure that you are using a strainer that has thin holes, and mesh, otherwise it won’t work nearly as well. The ones that I have came in a pack of three, and I have a large on, a medium-sized one, and a very small one. I tend to use the largest one the most, but sometimes I will use the medium-sized one if I am using a small bowl. I haven’t used the smallest one any, because it is probably about this size in real life,

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 4.07.33 PM.png

and let’s be honest… what am I going to sift in something that small?

Now to the next baking hack!


If you need more counter space because you don’t have enough, (or your counters are too messy and you don’t feel like cleaning them, but you need to make dinner), then this hack is for you. The only thing that you will need is a sturdy cutting board, and a pull out drawer. This hack is pretty self-explanatory, but I am going to explain it anyway. All that you have to do is pull out your drawer. This works best with a drawer that is about the height of your counter. Once your drawer is pulled out, you just have to put the cutting board on top of the drawer, and poof! you have an extra (small) counter, that doubles as a cutting board. I am currently at my grandparents house finishing writing this, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures of this hack, but you should be able to figure out when you have it positioned right.

I don’t personally use this hack, because I usually clear off my counters when I need the extra space, but this would be very useful if you don’t have a place to put things that stay on your counter, and need to make dinner but don’t have the room.

Now to the next hack!


I don’t drink coffee that much, but this is a hack for those of you that like to have iced coffee at home. When you drink iced coffee, the ice cubes melt, and the coffee gets watered down. This hack will prevent your coffee from getting watered down. Here are the materials that you will need…

  • ice cube tray
  • coffee creamer (or coffee)

First, you want to fill your ice cube tray with either coffee creamer or coffee. Now put that into the freezer and freeze completely. Once that is fully frozen, make yourself a cup of coffee, and put in your ice cubes, and as they melt, depending on what you froze, your coffee will either get flavored and not watered down, or just not watered down. I hope that you enjoyed this hack, and here is what it looks like…

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.56.23 PM.png

The one on the left is milk ice cubes, the middle is coffee creamer ice cube, and the one of the right is coffee ice cubes. All that you have to do is put some into your hot coffee, and they will melt, cool off your coffee, and flavor it at the same time. I hope that you enjoyed this hack! Now on to the next!


I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries, but they are such a pain to make. Well, something that you can use to help with these is an ice cube tray! All that you need to do is melt some of your favorite chocolate. Mine would probably be milk chocolate, and then let that cool for a little bit. This is important because you don’t want to take a chance of melting your ice cube tray. Once it has cooled a little bit, pour your mixture in, filling each cube mold 1/4 way full. place in a strawberry, and fill it 3/4 way full with chocolate, making sure that most of the strawberry is covered. Once that is finished, leave out to harden, or stick in the freezer/fridge. Allow to completely harden, pop out of the mold, and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.08.20 PM.pngthis is what they should look like when finished.


I hope that you guys enjoyed these hacks, and if you did, then comment down below which one was your favorite, and if you want me to do more posts like this in the future! Bye!!! 🙂





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